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Busy Summer So Far!

Hannah House Room

As some form of normalcy returns, PPI has been hard at work with investigations.

People still fear about having a private investigation at their homes right now but if someone needs
help we will do our best to be there. This is our mission…to assist those who need help!

We are proud to add Kelly Hamman Griffey to our group. Jenn and Steve have known Kelly for some
time now. She is a veteran paranormal investigator, REIKI Master energy work and energy healing
teacher as well as a Psychic Medium. A very welcome addition for PPI.

We have been to some great places lately. We were back at Poasttown School, we investigated the
Historic Hannah Mansion. We also had a great investigation at the Old Haunted Jail in Hartford City.
We have Randolph County Infirmary and The General Stone Mansion coming up. Plus more I cannot
mention yet!

Get out and enjoy the warm, beautiful weather (when it is not raining…lol). We were all locked up so
long, time to enjoy ourselves.

Live peacefully and harmony with all of those around you. 

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The Summer of 2021...

The last year has been a blur not only for myself but for many people. We have seen the world in a panic over the COVID-19 pandemic. I am not going to discuss or entertain any questions of its validity. I am just glad we are past the mask phase and that with vaccinations life is slowly returning to normal.

Private homes still have not picked up but public investigations still remain true for PPI. Places like Poasttown School, Randolph County Infirmary, the Old Stone Mansion, The old Hartford City Jail and many more. This year we are adding in the Hannah Mansion in Indianapolis. If you have never been there, try to do a Sunday history tour or attend the planned Meet & Greet scheduled. 

Jenn & I had the please of participating in the paracon at the Old Mansfield Prison in Mansfield, Ohio. We got to spend time with some great friends, get to meet new friends and visit a really haunted location. If you have never been there, you need to go on a tour!

We recently did a podcast for Jenn’s show Simply Spirit Podcast as well as Jenn & I did a show with our Scottish friend Kev Baker on the Kev Baker Show. You can listen to both of these shows right here on our website.

We are also part of a new adventure called “Psychic’s Unite”. It is a place where anyone who wants to learn more, has questions or has no one to turn to about their abilities can find the help they need.

We have had some great experiences recently with some new equipment and got a chance to visit the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee. That was an amazing place and we will be back soon!

In the meantime enjoy your summer. Stay safe and healthy. If you need our assistance and are in the area, give us a call and we will see what we can do.

Time for some Sumer fun!!

2021 Begins...A Little Later
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2021 Begins...A Little Later

So it has been a slow start for 2021. The Global Pandemic has been in full swing and like the rest of the World, we sat back and waited for things to change.

Vaccine’s, better treatment when ill and hospitalized has helped lighten some restrictions.

The other day we started getting phone calls from homeowners. 3 in one week! This is something we have not had in some times. As we predicted all along people still had problems just no one wanted anyone else in their safe place – their home.

Many of us have been vaccinated. Luckily we have not grown a third ear…lol. But we are ready to assist homeowners to reclaim their homes again. To feel safe inside their houses. To not have their lives and their family’s disrupted by something spiritual in their homes.

PPI is ready to help as best as we can.