Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked some of the same questions over and over so we thought maybe we could answer a few for you.


Q: If you do not find anything on an investigation, does that mean the place is not haunted?

Answer: That is a tough question to answer. Spirits or entities sometimes hide from us when we are at an investigation. They know we are there and they usually know the reason we are there as well and keep their distance. Because we do not capture any unexplained evidence just means that we cannot say you have paranormal activity in your residence or business. But remember, every place has some type of residual energy in it, old or new.

Q: Do you take guests on your investigations?

Answer: The answer is no and for many reasons...most importantly the owners of the property we are investigating expect complete professionalism from the Team at all times. We know how we will react and what we will do to document what we find. Please do not ask. Homeowners & Business owners are asked to click here and download the instruction sheet for what is to happen the night of an investigation.

Q: If you do not charge for an investigation, how do you make money?

Answer: An easy answer; We Do Not! We are not in this for the money! We are paranormal investigators. Our love of the science is why we are here doing what we do. It is hard work, long hours and can present extreme physical demands. But if the scientific evidence we find can advance the study of paranormal activity it is well worth it.

Q: Why do you not post all of the evidence you find at investigations?

Answer: We made a decision early on that we would respect the privacy of homeowners and business owners. From time to time we may decide to post some evidence for your review at the owners request or with the owner's permission.


Q: Can you help me with my psychic abilities - I have some questions?

Answer: No, unfortunately we cannot. There are great sources of information and businesses like Inner Path in Greenwood, Indiana or Celestial Dawning in Indianapolis, Indiana who can help. We are not psychics nor claim to be. Please, we cannot help you...PLEASE contact Inner Path or Celestial Dawning instead.

Q: Do you investigate every case reported to you?

Answer: If we find evidence or compelling reports to support paranormal activity we usually will try to investigate the site. Most times we will try do a preliminary investigation for an hour or so. If we feel there is evidence of activity, we will schedule a full investigation. We take what we do very seriously, especially if there are children involved. Do not wait to contact us...the activity usually only gets worse.

Q: Do you do radio interviews or lectures?

Answer: Upon request, yes we do. Please use the contact form found on the website.


Q: Are you currently adding members?

Answer: The answer is at this time we are not adding new members. Please do not contact us requesting to join as we will not respond to your calls or emails. We mean absolutely no disrespect but we cannot answer the homeowner calls and everyone who would like to be part of our team.


Q: I am thinking of starting my own group. What advice can you give me?

Answer: There are a couple of pieces of advice we would like to offer. 1) Think long and hard prior to entering this field. It is a lot of work. Many, many hours without pay. You are reviewing evidence for weeks after an investigation. 2) You better know the Bible! Many groups will disagree stating this is "science we are investigating", but I am here to tell you otherwise. Never, at any time do you know if you are dealing with something that is good or evil. Satan's minions disguise themselves as your Aunt Susie or your mom or dad. Read the is in there. Are we religious fanatics? No. We are Christians who know and study the Bible daily. Having the Holy Spirit and knowledge will help protect us in the event things go wrong quickly. To all NEED to heed this warning.  3) You will want equipment, so go to a Ghost Hunting store, buy some camera, digital recorders, EMFs, whatever your heart desires. Remember, when you are looking at the equipment, you are looking away from the room. So when the EMF spikes, you may have missed the shadow or apparition that caused the spike. 4) You had better be serious and professional! People are turning to you for help. This is not a game. It is most definitely not a game for them as well. Aretha Franklin sang RESPECT...have it at all times while in a homeowner or business owner's presence. You make the whole field look bad when you mis-behave!