Investigation Information

Do you have paranormal activity going on in your home or business?

Has anyone else, other than yourself experienced this activity?

Are you sure that the activity cannot be explained?

If you are having activity and believe your home or business is being haunted or has unusual paranormal activity we are here to help. Our experienced investigators will contact you to set up a preliminary interview at your place. We will talk with you about what you are experience, we will ask to see the areas where the activity is taking place. We will request to see any evidence you have of the activity.

It is very important for you to document everything that is happening. Times, dates, locations. Who else was there at the time. Exactly what you saw or heard. At PPI we want to help you. We even have a team of cleansers who can help rid your home of the spirits if needed.

Many people ask why we want owners to document their experiences. Many times as days even weeks go by you will begin to forget a few very important factors that will assist us during our investigation. It is human nature especially if you were startled by what took place. Immediately write down everything you see and can remember. This will make it easier to report to us when asked.

If this is something that has happened more than once, please contact us. Best way is by using the contact form and we will call you back usually within a few hours or in the morning. If it has only happened once and not again, it may be something but it may also have left so we would be unable to find any results during an investigation.

Please download the Investigation Instructions if we choose to investigate your home or business.