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Why is it that more and more people are experiencing paranormal activity?

What is it that we are experiencing?

Was that a shadow I just saw more across the room?

I just heard someone say something to me and I am alone?

We hear these questions on a daily basis. Homeowners, business owners, people young and old, experiencing things they cannot explain. They know what they experienced is real…but how can that be? Who else is here with us? Why are they here? Will they hurt me or my family?

Our team is called Professional Paranormal Investigations or PPI. We investigate paranormal activity here in Florida. If you are looking for “Ghost Hunters” buy the DVD or watch TV. We are a serious team of investigators, from all professional walks of life trying to find answers, scientific and spiritual answers to what all of the paranormal activity is.


The answer to that is very simple…confidentiality! Think about if you were having problems in your home and you needed to contact us…would you want photos of your home all over the Internet? If you own a business and weird things are happening and you do not wish to alert the public or the staff, would you want a group to publish photos of your business that someone could easily identify?

PPI has investigated, private homes, businesses, schools, health spas, theatres across the state (and many out of State). People choose us time and time again because they know we are sworn to confidentiality among the members. No one talks about the places we have gone to (besides public investigation places) with anyone other than other group members. Many of us are business owners and we completely understand and respect your business.

So if you are having problems call us at 352-445-0500 or use the convenient contact form on the website and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. You are in safe, experienced hands with PPI!



Living Room at Hannah House

Busy Summer So Far!

As some form of normalcy returns, PPI has been hard at work with investigations. People still fear about having a private investigation at their homes

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