The Quest Continues in 2019
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The Quest Continues in 2019

So we start another year and the investigative calls are going crazy. If you are close enough we will try to help you if you have a legitimate issue. That IS what we do. We have a great team, who work hard to get to the bottom of issues.

Let me clear up some misconceptions about PPI.:

  1. We are adults, we work hard (a great deal of our members are couples and are close friends) and we never make up evidence. If we get nothing, we tell you that we picked up nothing. Happens on occasions.
  2. We do not ask you to leave your house while we investigate. OK let’s be real – you do not know us nor do we know you. It is YOUR home and you are present and with us at all times. This gives us BOTH peace of mind that nothing is taken. Secondly and importantly you know we are NOT making up evidence.
  3. We would NEVER ask you to delete photos and evidence you have gathered. You have to be suspicious of anyone or group that asks you to do that. This belongs to you!
  4. We do not film your home and you for some video show on Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube. We do not monetize our videos to make money. This is NOT a money making opportunity for us, it is a desire and effort to help people in need. We are NOT looking for a TV show on SyFy or any other network. Beware of any group that does any of the above!

This year we added a historian to help research the property prior to an investigation (time permitting). It is important to try to know the history of the location.

We have made a very concerted effort to get you the evidence (if any found) asap. We will email to you what we find each day. At conclusion you will receive a CD for audio or DVD with any video evidence at no cost as without delay.

If you are able, keep a log of activity (room where it happened, time, day, what happened, etc). The mind plays with memory…better to have a written log as it happens.

We will do a cleansing if requested. We do our best.

We do NOT run around saying everything is evil. We do not ever jump to conclusions until we have reviewed your evidence and historical facts.

We want to help you! But please, we have jobs and a life. We cannot get always get back to you immediately. May take a few days. Plus if we are away, it will take even longer. If you contact us by email I can get back to you quickly.

We investigate parts of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. We do not wish to travel further as it becomes expensive for us. We can help you find a group in your area.

This year we will be doing some presentations throughout the year (be sure to keep watch on this website and if you want us at your event, please give us a call).

Hope to see you in 2019!!