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The Changed World and Increased Activity

Well most of us survived the COVID19 scare. Unfortunately we personally know a few who did not. A good friend and paranormal investigating couple. The husband got the Virus and passed. Our hearts go out to his wife, family and also to everyone else who has suffered with the disease.We probably all know someone who had it or did not make it. Sad way to start the decade.

As we are coming out of it, the paranormal activity is increasing! We have yet to have a call to do someone’s home yet, but we have done a number of public locations to keep us in the right frame of mind. I have said many times that activity slows down at some locations when there are so many people in and out of place every night. Ghosts do not perform on command. Having said that, with a lot of the places closed for so long, we have been investigating and the activity has been off the chart at a few of these locations. 

In one or two of these places we have experienced pure evil. Listen, I will not go ino the arguement on it. Read Steve’s latest book if you want more information on it. What I will tell you  is the evil is stronger than ever. Do not know if it is related to everything going on, but it is very strong and harder to deal with. 

I am sure this is happening in people’s homes as well. Hopefully we get the calls and we will weight out helping those in need despite the health dangers. We wear masks when we need to or think it is wise. No one wants to get anyone sick. If you are old or have a compromised immune system stay home. The craziness in this world has to end also. 

We need to all remember everyone, people who are white, black, yellow, etc all deserve to be treated equally and loved and respected equally. We stand behind those who are mistreated and hope real change happens.

God Bless all of you and stay safe and healthy!