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End of Year Update

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2020 May be over soon…Oh man…run like hell far away from it.

This has had to be the most toxic year that I can remember. I am 62 and I do not remember when the world here in the U.S. was so divided. We started the race card again. These are truly issues in the U.S. with the way people of color are sometimes handled and dealt with. You would think by now that would end…sadly it has not. We need to deal with those individuals. NOT everyone is racist and we also need to be ware, whether by fault or no fault, there is racism on both sides. We need to make this the time to heal.

I will not go into politics as there is plenty of that to go around. We are hoping that God will bless our nation and it will do the right thing.

The paranormal world has been shaken by this pandemic as well. Paracons and get togethers have been cancelled all around the world. For many of us, sadly this is the only way we get to see some of our friends who live far away. Maybe (just maybe) that will change? Maybe people will reach out on a more personal level instead of these large events? 

Investigations sometimes are on and sometimes are off. Governors keep changing the rules on public gatherings. So your group may or may not be able to investigate in a particular location. Even 2021 is not clear yet as we wait to see what COVID has next for us in store.

PPI continues to investigate private homes. If someone has a problem, we are there to help. Of course we take precautions and go with very limited investigators.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and Christmas is coming fast. They are making it hard to spend time with even our loved ones. But I will say this…Remember that your elderly family members are old. The years they have left are not guaranteed. In fact they are not guaranteed for any of us. Make the effort and spend time with them this year. Wear a mask if you must. I know you probably hate it…but will you hate it more next year, God forbid they are no longer here with us. Do it while you can and have a truly Happy and Healthy Holiday Season from all of PPI!