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Will 2021 Be Any Better?

American Flag Background, skull and 2021 calendar

So what will the scary 2021 bring? Will it get worse? Will more people die of the COVID-19 virus? Will even more die from taking the vaccination?

There is so much that has rushed through the minds of everyone as we call 2020 a wrap. Personally, I am glad to see it go! It has destroyed businesses, people lives and resulted in some people dying that had pre-existing conditions. We DID start to care once again about our elderly though I truly believe and so do a few others it might have been population control…do we have any way, either way to know for sure?

Here is what I will tell you. Evil was unleashed upon the world. People disrespecting people. People calling for removal of Police Officers entirely. History trying to be re-written. Riots and looting in large scale. If Satan wanted to cause complete unrest, Satan accomplished his goals!

We got a few home owners call us for help. Many we had to pass on. The risk of infecting our members was greater than the good we could provide. All of our group has loved ones. Young and old. A few have had the virus and continue to recover.

So we look ahead to 2021. Look for answers for this country. Pray that all the powers that be stop taking advantage of us, all of us, regardless of race, color or creed so we all can have equal opportunities. To be able to live the American Dream once again. Hopefully the restaurants, schools and businesses can survive just a bit longer and come out the other side successful.

We can only hope and dream….

On behalf of everyone here at PPI we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Holidays and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year from our PPI family to yours!!