2021 Begins...A Little Later

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2021 Begins...A Little Later

So it has been a slow start for 2021. The Global Pandemic has been in full swing and like the rest of the World, we sat back and waited for things to change.

Vaccine’s, better treatment when ill and hospitalized has helped lighten some restrictions.

The other day we started getting phone calls from homeowners. 3 in one week! This is something we have not had in some times. As we predicted all along people still had problems just no one wanted anyone else in their safe place – their home.

Many of us have been vaccinated. Luckily we have not grown a third ear…lol. But we are ready to assist homeowners to reclaim their homes again. To feel safe inside their houses. To not have their lives and their family’s disrupted by something spiritual in their homes.

PPI is ready to help as best as we can.