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Busy Summer So Far!

Hannah House Room

As some form of normalcy returns, PPI has been hard at work with investigations.

People still fear about having a private investigation at their homes right now but if someone needs
help we will do our best to be there. This is our mission…to assist those who need help!

We are proud to add Kelly Hamman Griffey to our group. Jenn and Steve have known Kelly for some
time now. She is a veteran paranormal investigator, REIKI Master energy work and energy healing
teacher as well as a Psychic Medium. A very welcome addition for PPI.

We have been to some great places lately. We were back at Poasttown School, we investigated the
Historic Hannah Mansion. We also had a great investigation at the Old Haunted Jail in Hartford City.
We have Randolph County Infirmary and The General Stone Mansion coming up. Plus more I cannot
mention yet!

Get out and enjoy the warm, beautiful weather (when it is not raining…lol). We were all locked up so
long, time to enjoy ourselves.

Live peacefully and harmony with all of those around you.