2022 - Here We Come

shadow in the window

So we have survived the scares (and hopefully the last) of COVID-19. A few of our members got the infection and survived, thankfully. Others of our team were vaccinated and were spared the virus. Hopefully, if you are reading this you have come through as well! If you did have the virus watch for pulmonary conditions as they are popping up a lot.

Anyway, our PPI team is about to begin a new year of investigating. We have a few new places we will visit as well as some of the ones we do annually. We are going to zone in using the equipment we have and seriously begin looking for answers. We take what we do seriously and have zero tolerance for anyone who is not completely honest with us about what is happening.

We are beginning to receive phone calls and emails for assistance. We know you are out there and if you seriously need our help we are free and available to assist you. Remember: NEVER pay anyone to investigate your home! Investigations are free!

Stay safe! Remember the virus is still out there. It may only be a variant but if you have pre-existing conditions it could still kill you.

God bless you and hope to see you in 2022!