2022 Starts On A Down Note…

Kev Baker

Kev Baker

We start out the New Year stunned and saddened. The world has lost a great person…Kev Baker. Kev has had a podcast on TFR for many years. He broadcasted and lived in beautiful Glasgow, Scotland.

Jenn and I were frequent visitors on his show. You will find interviews with him on our Media Page. He also helped host Bill Bean’s Spiritual Warrior on YouTube every Sunday night.  Kev’s motto was “I report…you decide!” He covered everything from aliens, paranormal activity, secret government activities and conspiracy theories. Not from the average crackpot but from some high ranking and experts in the field. I personally listed to his show 5 days a week.

Kev had suffered from COPD and had a very bad case of it. He made it through Christmas holiday and passed closely after that.

He left behind his loving wife Ann, his son Kev, his Mom and thousands of loyal fans who will miss him just as much as I do.

Rest in peace my friend…you now have all of the answers you have been looking for…