COVID-19 and Investigations
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COVID-19 and Investigations

So let me begin by saying that I am not going to write about how to protect yourself with the COVID-19 virus (Corona virus). The main reason is that this information changes from day to day. I will say for now, as of this posting, wash your hands every time you come back in from going out plus do not touch your face, eyes, nose or lips. and practice social distancing right now.  I am sure some of the rules will change in a week or so…any way to look at it, err on the side of caution. We personally know a number of people with this virus and it is nothing to play with.

Now I do not tell you these things to scare you. In fact, PPI does everything in it’s power to help people with the paranormal so they are not scared, but empowered.

Now that everyone is in their homes, under quarantine they are probably starting to experience things happening in their homes. You may never have experienced these things with a busy lifestyle but now that you are basically shut-in, it is all around you.

Let me say right now, during the quarantine time from our President and Governor, we cannot come out to help you. That breaks our hearts as we never really like to say we cannot help unless you are too far away. But for the safety of our members, we just cannot right now.

So what do you do?

  1. First and foremost, remain calm. This is your home and you control your home. Do not let your imagination run wild. It is easy to do. You will begin to think every noise you hear is paranormal. Just take a deep breath and relax. 

  2. Keep a log of what is taking place. Write down specific dates, times and rooms things are happening to you or your loved ones. Write down everything that was going on when it happened. Sorta like a small diary of events.

  3. Try to debunk what is taking place. With everyone home, including your neighbors, the sounds you are hearing might be them and not paranormal. Keep a keen eye and ears open to everything happening around you. Make sure you write it down in the log.

  4. If you are a religious person, you can say prayers and pray that the activity will stop. Kinda hard right now for a Pastor or Priest to come out and bless your home. Open the Bible and pray.

  5. When all of this clears and you are still having activity, contact PPI.

Remember to stay safe (wash your hands, etc…). We are praying for everyone around the world that this soon may pass and the world will get back to work and social interactions may resume. We are capable of making this happen…we just all need to do our parts!


God bless you all!!

The Quest Continues in 2019
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The Quest Continues in 2019

So we start another year and the investigative calls are going crazy. If you are close enough we will try to help you if you have a legitimate issue. That IS what we do. We have a great team, who work hard to get to the bottom of issues.

Let me clear up some misconceptions about PPI.:

  1. We are adults, we work hard (a great deal of our members are couples and are close friends) and we never make up evidence. If we get nothing, we tell you that we picked up nothing. Happens on occasions.
  2. We do not ask you to leave your house while we investigate. OK let’s be real – you do not know us nor do we know you. It is YOUR home and you are present and with us at all times. This gives us BOTH peace of mind that nothing is taken. Secondly and importantly you know we are NOT making up evidence.
  3. We would NEVER ask you to delete photos and evidence you have gathered. You have to be suspicious of anyone or group that asks you to do that. This belongs to you!
  4. We do not film your home and you for some video show on Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube. We do not monetize our videos to make money. This is NOT a money making opportunity for us, it is a desire and effort to help people in need. We are NOT looking for a TV show on SyFy or any other network. Beware of any group that does any of the above!

This year we added a historian to help research the property prior to an investigation (time permitting). It is important to try to know the history of the location.

We have made a very concerted effort to get you the evidence (if any found) asap. We will email to you what we find each day. At conclusion you will receive a CD for audio or DVD with any video evidence at no cost as without delay.

If you are able, keep a log of activity (room where it happened, time, day, what happened, etc). The mind plays with memory…better to have a written log as it happens.

We will do a cleansing if requested. We do our best.

We do NOT run around saying everything is evil. We do not ever jump to conclusions until we have reviewed your evidence and historical facts.

We want to help you! But please, we have jobs and a life. We cannot get always get back to you immediately. May take a few days. Plus if we are away, it will take even longer. If you contact us by email I can get back to you quickly.

We investigate parts of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. We do not wish to travel further as it becomes expensive for us. We can help you find a group in your area.

This year we will be doing some presentations throughout the year (be sure to keep watch on this website and if you want us at your event, please give us a call).

Hope to see you in 2019!!

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2018 Halfway Over And In The Books

So the first half of 2018 came and went very fast for us. Jenn & Steve traveled a lot which was why there were not too many early year investigations by the team. Now back and ready to go, the team has conducted a number of investigations in Indiana and Ohio.

Speaking of the team, we are proud to have a few new members who joined PPI this year. Husband and wife Julie and Paul Webster became great assets to our group as well as Brittney Bales who we know will be a welcome addition and fit right in with the rest of the PPI team.

We have done a number of public locations recently as the calls we received for home investigations just did not pan out as legit. Many people call just to speak with someone about a problem they have not to get help. We cannot help unless we are there, so calling just to talk rarely works for us. You have to want to receive help (not psychic advice) when you call to even get a call back from us.

We have returned for our Annual Poasttown School investigation in Middlebury, Ohio. This place never fails to have a night full of energy and happenings. Like they say, “When you leave…you believe”. We still have to review the audio. You can check them out online at”.

We also returned to New Castle, Indiana for a stay at Thornhaven Manor. Very little went on last year with Steve (owner) in and out of hospital. Another place that never fails to present us with paranormal activity. As one of the original teams to investigate Thornhaven it was great to return with some new members and fresh eyes.

We have also been to a few new places as well. In April we went to Whispers Estate. Great house in Indiana. We had a lot of personal experiences. We are in process of reviewing the audio (nothing found on video) and are finding EVPs in most rooms. This was the first investigation for Julie, Brittany and Paul. They proved themselves extremely valuable to be part of the PPI Team that evening.

The other place we have been to is Revanant Acres outside of Greenfield, Indiana at the end of June. Let me tell you it was HOT that night. Not talking about the activity, I am talking about the heat! We sweat, I mean investigated for about 4 hours. Lots of activity happening. We have yet to check the audio or video as of writing this post.

So what do we have planned for second half of 2018? More investigating. We have more public investigations scheduled and hoping for some legitimate calls to assist homeowners. We will also be visiting a few paracons like Mid-South and Scarefest in Kentucky. We will be sure to keep you posted.

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Hello April 2018

Hello everyone!! I know it’s been a hot minute since a post was made and I wanted to chat with all of you and let you know what’s been going on with our group and some news about upcoming investigations and some upcoming events that Steve and I will be attending, we won’t have a booth there but will be hanging out with friends.

PPI will be investigating this year at Poasttown, this is located in Ohio and if you want to get some friends together to investigate at this location that would be cool. It is open to the public for investigations. Listed below is the link for the website where can check things out.

April 14th there will be an event held there!! Lots of fun happening and lots of great friends will be there. Steve and I will be attending for a short time. Tickets are still available!

Another location that our group will be investigating is Whispers Estate. This will be the first time that we have been to this location and we are looking forward to it. I will give updates on each investigation.

We will also be going back to Randolph county.

Once again to Thornhaven Manor, we have some members who has never been and want to go.

Revenant Acres is also a new location for us to investigate. Again anyone who wants to get some friends together to investigate these locations can do so simply by going to facebook pages or websites and booking a date to investigate.

MidSouth is another place to be this year!! Lots of vendors, lots of fun and lots of paranormal happenings. This takes place in July, it’s a 3 day event. Get your tickets now!!

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Looking Ahead to 2018

In order to look ahead we must acknowledge the past year… 2017. For PPI it was a long year. We did not investigate as much as we should have. Busy lives changed many plans for us. Jenn & Steve were away a lot. We also had the very sad sudden passing of Sara that left all of us stunned and broken-hearted.

Phones rang and we tried our best to help as many as possible. From colleges, schools and private residences we worked hard to get in investigations whenever we could. Unfortunately we could not get to everyone and we apologize for that. We all have full time jobs and cannot always call you right back as you request. A few have even just said call me back with no explanation of what is happening (we do not call those back…lol).

The level of paranormal activity remained the same. People believed that as TV shows dwindle out the activity will as well. True activity will continue to take place. What we deal with is NOT what you see on these shows but much more serious especially to families living in those homes. We try our best to help whenever we can.

The past few years what we have all learned is to appreciate the ones around us, family and friends, now while they are here with us. Jenn & I have visited with many “famous” mediums (Kim Russo, Theresa Caputo, Robbie Thomas, Chip Coffey, etc) and many want to hear from a loved one that has passed. When they are here with us, tell them how much you love them, how much you appreciate them, how much you care for them and are so happy to have them in your lives. Do not wait until they have passed to wish you could have done this or that.

I stopped making resolutions years ago. It puts way too much pressure on you to succeed. Just keep working on what you want to accomplish. If you really want to accomplish it, set your mind to it and you will work hard enough to get it done!

We recently added a new member Diana Zimmers from Ohio who has worked with us before and may be adding a select few members here in Indiana as well. As I mentioned people’s lives are busy. Sometimes it is hard to find a weekend when everyone is free. It will be easier with more members.

I hope you had a productive 2017. I hope you have a truly better 2018 as well! Remember to give the ones you love the gift of knowing you care for them and how much they mean to you. PPI will continue to help those in need with their paranormal problems. God bless you and cheers!

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What's New With PPI?

I know it has been quite awhile since any blog post has been made but that’s because there has been a lot of things that has happened not just with the group but also life in general. Steve, myself and a few other members of the group has lost their moms in the last few years so learning to do things in a different way without them has been interesting at times.

We are no longer, at least at this time, doing paranormal presentations at the libraries. Not that we didn’t enjoy doing them but just felt it was time for a break. It was great meeting everyone and talking to everyone and helping them on their journey. We are still doing investigations, more public places than private homes. What I have found is more and more people are wanting to develop their abilities and I think it’s great but at the same time I wish they would say this up front instead of saying they have activity in their home.

There has been many eye-opening or rather awakening experiences for me where I have had to accept the fact that I am a teacher or a mentor, or life coach if you like, well, spiritual life coach. I have had the honor of helping many through their ups and downs and I have enjoyed every minute.

Steve and I have been traveling quite a bit, we found some great deals for Scotland, Ireland, Cruise, Bahamas, Florida, New York, Arizona, Vegas and Tennessee that we couldn’t pass up. On the cruise we went to Florida, Maryland, Bahamas, South Carolina, was so much fun! We were shocked when we got to the Bahamas to see the resort we had stayed in just a few months earlier damaged by the hurricane that went through this area. Sadly this place is still closed. Florida I visited twice in the same year, once on the cruise and then we went to an area just for the week. It was great!! We had a great massage, visited with friends, went to the salt room, which is so cool!! You sit in a room with salt and just relax. It makes your skin feel so soft. In Maryland I was able to meet my friend Deb and spend a few hours with her before we had to head to the airport. South Carolina was nice, cooler than normal but still very nice. Scotland and Ireland was the BEST!!! I saw many things from castles to the ocean to small towns and everything in between. Next year our plan is to go to Hawaii. Looking forward to that as well.

I will be starting another two books soon. I am going to write about our investigations, not so much on how we investigate, etc but more of the locations what happened, what I experienced, etc. I feel it’s something that needs to be written. The other is just a story that needs to be told, a story that is in my head but feels as if I have lived this life before and may still be living some of it today.

That’s it for now =) Stay awesome!!