Electronic Contact Request

If you are looking for us to do a Paranormal Investigation, please use the Request An Investigation page on this website. This contact form is for general questions, bookings for media etc.


Just a few quick notes: 

  • You will not be speaking with Jenn our psychic/medium on the call back. Two of our team members handle all of the call-backs. So if you are looking for psychic answers please go to her website and pay for a reading. If you have questions on how to further your psychic development, go to her website and purchase a course. At an investigation she will not be doing readings or discussing anyone’s abilities. We are only calling and talking about activities happening in your home that you need our assistance with.

  • We do not accept calls for problems with UFOs or Big Foot. Sorry just not something we are knowledgeable about.

  • We do not accept calls for people wishing to join our group. We have no openings at this time. 

  • PLEASE – Only call once. There is no need to call 4 times a day, everyday. No one hears the phone ring or the messages until we check the machine. We understand it is important and we call back every legit call. If you call repeatedly we will not call you back.