Face in Window

At the old hospital in Hartford City (the one I told you now is an assisted living facility we got the cease and desist from)…we were on a break…Jenn turned around and took this image. There are a few faces in this image. Almost seems like pareidolia but one of the images matched exactly as the son of the owner who died. When we put side to side was exact.

These two images below were taken at the same old hospital seconds apart. One on the left is the one Jenn took, a second later was my photo. Same type cameras.

washing machines
Image in washing machine

If you remember I spoke of the strange darkness that comes into a room. So much so you cannot see the person in front of you?  Here are a few clear examples:

This is a zoomed in image taken at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC

This is really (looking at statue) to the bottom right hand side.

Had image checked…not doctored at all!

This was looking in at The Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee. Look at that face in the window. That room had the most activity all night.

The Old Hartford City Jail. 2 Blocks from the old hospital!

This was in the old gun cabinet. Look at the reflection in the glass doors.

All of us (Both times) outside on a break. Kids at home complain if noises at night in their bedroom….Take a look

All 3 of these are from the Old Hartford City Jail.

This is the catwalk of the jail. Watch the shadow appear and walk through the cell and wall. Make it larger if you need to.

This is the hallway in the living side of the jail where the jailer and his family lived. This is looking at stairwell to go upstairs to bedrooms. Everyone accounted for. This video and next one happened when no one was there. Both happened and freaked us out when we saw the video back.

Look at the shadows on the wall. There is no one there at all! We are right in the next room!

What you cannot see is that I am sitting less than 3 feet away from her. Myself and another investigator are sitting on the bed. Jenn is out in the hallway. This woman gets grabbed from behind and slammed in to the dresser.

This is in a home. This is a camera, down a hallway pointed at bathroom. No one is down the hallway but we kept seeing this and sounds down there. We picked this up (look for shadows – remember no one down there)

Last Two:

One on the left is from Thornhaven Manor. Many shows visited this place. Look at the SLS cam and what it picked up.

One on the right…this is from a person’s home. Lots of activity happening in son’s room. We put the SLS on a tripod and let it run with our camera behind it. The activity (or what looks like sex) is happening right on the son’s bed.