Investigation Rules and Information

Do you have paranormal activity going on in your home or business? Has anyone else, other than yourself experienced this activity? Are you sure that the activity cannot be explained?

If you are having activity and believe your home or business is being haunted or has unusual paranormal activity we are here to help. Our experienced investigators will contact you to set up a preliminary interview at your place. We will talk with you about what you are experience, we will ask to see the areas where the activity is taking place. We will request to see any evidence you have of the activity.

It is very important for you to document everything that is happening. Times, dates, locations. Who else was there at the time. Exactly what you saw or heard. At PPI we want to help you. We even have a team of cleansers who can help rid your home of the spirits if needed.

Many people ask why we want owners to document their experiences. Many times as days even weeks go by you will begin to forget a few very important factors that will assist us during our investigation. It is human nature especially if you were startled by what took place. Immediately write down everything you see and can remember. This will make it easier to report to us when asked.

If this is something that has happened more than once, please contact us. Best way is by using the contact form and we will call you back usually within a a day or so. If it has only happened once and not again, it may be something but it may also have left so we would be unable to find any results during an investigation.



At Professional Paranormal Investigations we take our investigations very seriously. We expect you to do the same. We do require that a few things be completely understood prior to our arrival:

  1.  We do not get paid. We will never ask you for money and none of our members will ask for any payments for our paranormal investigations.

  2. You CANNOT have children (under 18 years of age) present in the home while we do an investigation. There is NO exception to this rule. If we arrive and your children are there, we will (and have in the past) leave without conducting an investigation and will remove you from our schedule in the future. An investigation always has the possibility of becoming dangerous at a moment’s notice plus a paranormal investigation itself is NOT recommend to be viewed by impressionable children according to most leading psychologists.

  3. We know it is your home, but we MUST insist, NO SMOKING IN THE HOME while we are at your location. First it is not good for our equipment, our health and it also masks any smells we might encounter due to paranormal activity. A few of our members are allergic to smoke. Please respect us – refrain from smoking inside all day, open the windows to air out the home, maybe spray air freshener and smoke outside.

  4. ABSOLUTELY NO GUESTS during the investigation! Only home owners/residents are to be present. This is not a show, this is a serious investigation. We will ask the person(s) to leave or we will leave.

  5. If you have pets, this is not a problem except for dogs that are not friendly or unruly. Sometimes pets can be attuned to paranormal happenings in a home better than humans. But if there is any chance of your dog attacking one of our investigators, they are to be removed from the home prior to our arrival.

  6. Cell phones need to be turned off when we arrive. The Electro Magnetic Field interference of your cell phone signal interferes with our equipment monitoring. So we will require all phones be shut off completely (not just placed on silent). Trust me, our equipment will know if you have it on! Same holds true for any wireless routers you may have in your home. They must be shut off prior to our arrival.

  7. If you need to cancel or reschedule, PLEASE contact us no later than 4 p.m. the day of the investigation. We are usually loaded and on the road after that time. Please do not make us drive to your residence for nothing.

  8. We usually bring our own drinks and snacks, so there is no need to stock up on anything. Trust me, we greatly appreciate the thought, but it is unnecessary.

  9. Be prepared for a late night! Our investigations last usually until way after midnight. Sometimes to 2 or 3 in the morning depending on the activity we are getting at the time. We usually arrive at your home between 7 – 9 p.m.

  10. All rooms must be accessible in your home! We know it is your home, but to properly investigate we cannot be told “every room except this one which we keep locked.” This opens the possibility for fraud, sounds that we cannot explain and also gives a place for spirits or energies to hide from us.

  11. Absolutely no drug or alcohol use in the home while we are at the investigation. If we arrive and the home owner is under the influence, we will leave immediately. We want to assist you. We are extremely professional when we do our investigations. We are respectful to the homeowners and request the same respect be shown our team at all times.

  12. PLEASE do us a small favor…try to clean and neaten up your home prior to our arrival. We are not being picky but we have had baskets of dirty laundry siting right on the living room floor and we have to investigate around that.  Just stash it in the closet, clean off the chairs and couches and beds. A little goes a long way!

We do a very intense investigation. If at any time we determine that the investigation evidence is phony/staged or someone is putting on an act, we will pack up and leave. We do this in our spare time, please do not waste our time if you think it is “just cool” to have paranormal investigators in your home. Investigations cost us time and money. Neither of which we care to waste.